Warrior Challenge 2019
February 4 – 10, 2019
Westdale Community Centre
9A3 Division: 10A2 Division: 10A3 Division:
St. Boniface Seals St. James Canucks Woodhaven Canucks
SW Kings Stonewall SW Kings
HV Canucks Winterhawks Westdale KW Canucks
Winterhawks Westdale SWHA Kings Winterhawks Corydon
KW Canucks McDonald
Winterhawks Varsity View
RE Royals
St. Boniface Seals
St. Vital Bruins
Winterhawks Tuxedo

Coaches package

Thank you everyone for your cooperation throughout the day. We have one more day to go and we will get all the games in. The only game that will have to be played next week is the 10A3 final. Just so everyone is aware, here is the schedule as sent earlier today:

Sunday, February 10, 2019

12:00 9A3 – HV Canucks vs KW Canucks at Westdale
12:00 10A3 Pool B – KW Canucks vs RE Royals at Pembina Trails
12:00 10A3 Pool B – Corydon vs McDonald at Pembina Trails
12:30 9A3 – SW Kings vs Westdale
1:30 10A3 Pool A – St. Boniface vs SW Kings at Westdale
3:00 10A3 Pool B – RE Royals vs Corydon at Pembina Trails
3:00 10A3 Pool A – Woodhaven vs Tuxedo at Pembina Trails
3:00 9A3 – St. Boniface vs HV Canucks at Westdale
3:30 9A3 – Westdale vs KW Canucks at Westdale
5:00 10A3 SEmi-Final at WEstdale
5:00 10A3 Semi-Final at WEstdale
6:00 10A2 Final – St, James Canucks SH vs Winterhawks Westdale at Oak Bluff
7:15 9A3 Final at Oak Bluff teams TBD

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